1: Discover how zodiac signs influence musical tastes for Scottish music fans in America.

2: Aries, known for their energy and passion, are drawn to the fiery tunes of Scottish fiddle music.

3: Taurus appreciates the soothing melodies of Celtic harp and bagpipes in Scottish tunes.

4: Gemini's curious nature leads them to explore a variety of Scottish music genres and artists.

5: Cancer's emotional depth resonates with the soulful ballads and storytelling in Scottish folk songs.

6: Leo, with their love for drama and grandeur, gravitates towards the majestic sound of Scottish pipe bands.

7: Virgo's attention to detail appreciates the complexity and precision of Scottish classical music compositions.

8: Libra is drawn to the harmonious melodies and balanced rhythms in Scottish traditional music.

9: Scorpio's intensity is matched by the hauntingly beautiful and mysterious tunes in Scottish Gaelic music.