1: Aries - Known for their bold and dynamic energy, Aries KPop fans gravitate towards high-energy groups and intense performances.

2: Leo - Leos love the spotlight, making them drawn to charismatic idols and flashy stage shows in the KPop world.

3: Sagittarius - Adventurous and open-minded, Sagittarius fans enjoy exploring diverse genres and international KPop acts.

4: Gemini - Geminis appreciate versatility in music, often following groups with diverse concepts and musical styles.

5: Libra - With a love for harmony and balance, Libras are fans of KPop groups known for their synchronized choreography and harmonious vocals.

6: Aquarius - Independent and visionary, Aquarius fans are attracted to innovative and forward-thinking idols in the KPop industry.

7: Virgo - Known for their attention to detail, Virgos appreciate idols who excel in both vocals and dance performance.

8: Cancer - Emotional and nurturing, Cancer fans connect deeply with KPop groups that share heartfelt lyrics and emotional performances.

9: Pisces - With a dreamy and creative nature, Pisces fans are drawn to KPop acts that tell compelling stories through their music and visuals.