1: "Casablanca - a timeless classic with memorable quotes and great performances."

2: "The Godfather - a mafia epic that set the standard for gangster movies."

3: "Schindler's List - a powerful and emotional look at the horrors of the Holocaust."

4: "Titanic - a sweeping romance set against the backdrop of a tragic disaster."

5: "The Lord of the Rings: Return of the King - an epic conclusion to a beloved fantasy trilogy."

6: "Gladiator - a thrilling tale of revenge and redemption set in ancient Rome."

7: "Birdman - a unique and innovative film shot in one continuous take."

8: "12 Years a Slave - a harrowing true story of one man's fight for freedom."

9: "Moonlight - a moving and beautifully crafted exploration of identity and love."