1: Improve flexibility with these top 10 yoga poses, perfect for beginners and experts alike. Stretch and strengthen your body with these gentle movements.

2: Downward facing dog, a classic yoga pose that stretches the whole body from head to toe. Lengthen the spine and release tension in the back.

3: Warrior pose, a powerful stance that strengthens the legs and opens the hips. Ground yourself and feel the energy flow through your body.

4: Child's pose, a resting position that gently stretches the back and shoulders. Relax and breathe deeply to release tension and calm the mind.

5: Tree pose, a balancing posture that improves focus and flexibility. Stand tall and root down into the earth as you reach towards the sky.

6: Cobra pose, a gentle backbend that strengthens the spine and opens the chest. Lift your heart towards the sky and feel the stretch in your back.

7: Pigeon pose, a hip opener that releases tension in the hips and pelvis. Sink into the stretch and breathe deeply to find release and relaxation.

8: Bridge pose, a backbend that strengthens the back and stretches the chest and shoulders. Lift your hips towards the sky and feel the stretch in your body.

9: Corpse pose, a final relaxation posture that allows the body to rest and recharge. Close your eyes and breathe deeply to find peace and stillness.