1: "Believe in Yourself Set Achievable Goals Celebrate Your Successes"

2: "Practice Positive Self-Talk Surround Yourself with Supportive People Embrace Your Strengths"

3: "Challenge Negative Thoughts Step Out of Your Comfort Zone Focus on Your Progress"

4: "Take Care of Your Body Dress in a Way that Makes You Feel Confident Exercise Regularly"

5: "Try New Experiences Learn from Failure Be Kind to Yourself"

6: "Acknowledge Your Accomplishments Visualize Success Seek Feedback"

7: "Avoid Comparing Yourself to Others Practice Mindfulness and Meditation Take Risks"

8: "Seek Help from a Therapist or Coach Engage in Activities You Enjoy Stay True to Your Values"

9: "Develop a Growth Mindset Learn New Skills Celebrate Your Uniqueness"