1: Introduction Discover the top 10 bird toys for mental stimulation to keep your feathered friend happy and engaged.

2: Puzzle Toys Puzzle toys challenge your bird's problem-solving skills while providing hours of entertainment.

3: Foraging Toys Foraging toys mimic a bird's natural instinct to search for food, keeping them mentally stimulated.

4: Chew Toys Chew toys are essential for keeping your bird's beak healthy and preventing boredom.

5: Interactive Toys Interactive toys encourage socialization and playtime between you and your bird.

6: Swing Toys Swing toys help birds exercise and relieve stress through gentle movement.

7: Climbing Toys Climbing toys provide a fun and challenging way for birds to stay active and engaged.

8: Noise-Making Toys Noise-making toys stimulate birds' auditory senses and provide added enrichment.

9: Final Thoughts Investing in the top 10 bird toys for mental stimulation is key to promoting a happy and healthy bird.