1: 1. Nelson Mandela: Journey from prisoner to president. 2. Malala Yousafzai: Brave advocate for education rights.

2: 3. Steve Jobs: Visionary co-founder of Apple. 4. Maya Angelou: Renowned poet and civil rights activist.

3: 5. Michelle Obama: Former First Lady and role model. 6. Albert Einstein: Brilliant physicist and Nobel laureate.

4: 7. Rosa Parks: Civil rights pioneer who sparked change. 8. Elon Musk: Innovator behind Tesla and SpaceX.

5: 9. Anne Frank: Young writer who touched hearts worldwide. 10. Oprah Winfrey: Media mogul and philanthropist.

6: Explore diverse biographies that inspire and educate.

7: Discover the lives of extraordinary individuals who made a difference.

8: Gain insights into their challenges, triumphs, and contributions.

9: These biographies offer lessons in courage, resilience, and determination.