1: Stay cozy this winter in faux fur coats and jackets, a must-have trend in Chicago.

2: Layer up with chunky knit sweaters and scarves for a chic and warm look.

3: Combat the cold with stylish knee-high boots, a staple fashion trend in the Windy City.

4: Make a statement with oversized puffer jackets, perfect for staying warm in Chicago.

5: Add a pop of color to your winter wardrobe with bold and vibrant winter accessories.

6: Stay on-trend with plaid patterns and checkered prints on coats and scarves.

7: Mix and match textures like leather and wool for a modern and stylish winter outfit.

8: Elevate your look with faux leather leggings and skirts, a chic winter fashion trend.

9: Stay cozy and stylish this winter by incorporating these top 5 fashion trends into your Chicago wardrobe.