1: Title: Kieran Culkin on Succession Spinoff Content: Kieran Culkin criticizes the idea of a Succession spinoff, but hints at one character being a good choice for a lead.

2: Title: Culkin's Stance on Spinoff Content: Kieran Culkin expresses doubts about a Succession spinoff while conceding that a particular character could shine as the main focus.

3: Title: Succession's Future Content: Kieran Culkin slams the potential for a Succession spinoff but mentions one character who may excel in a leading role.

4: Title: Culkin's Controversial Opinion Content: Kieran Culkin is against a Succession spinoff but sees potential for a character to step into the spotlight.

5: Title: Actor's Perspective Content: Kieran Culkin doesn't support a Succession spinoff, except for one character who could carry the show as the lead.

6: Title: Spinoff Speculations Content: Kieran Culkin calls the idea of a Succession spinoff terrible but hints at a character who could break out as a leading man.

7: Title: Culkin's Critique Content: Despite calling a Succession spinoff a bad idea, Kieran Culkin acknowledges one character who might make a compelling lead.

8: Title: Possibilities for Succession Content: Kieran Culkin voices disapproval of a Succession spinoff, except for one character who could potentially take the reins.

9: Title: Culkin's Exception Content: Kieran Culkin deems a Succession spinoff undesirable but recognizes one character who could shine in a leading role.