1: "East Coast Eats: Lobster rolls in Maine, cheesesteaks in Philly, bagels in NYC, crab cakes in Maryland, clam chowder in Boston."

2: "Southern Comfort: BBQ in Texas, shrimp and grits in South Carolina, po'boys in Louisiana, fried green tomatoes in Georgia, biscuits and gravy in Tennessee."

3: "Midwest Munchies: Chicago deep-dish pizza, barbecue in Kansas City, hot dish in Minnesota, butter burgers in Wisconsin, cornbread in Iowa."

4: "West Coast Wonders: Fish tacos in California, chowder in Washington, Dungeness crab in Oregon, In-N-Out Burger in Nevada, acai bowls in Hawaii."

5: "Southwest Delights: Green chili in New Mexico, Frybread in Arizona, carne asada fries in California, Navajo tacos in Utah, prickly pear margaritas in Arizona."

6: "Rocky Mountain Feasts: Bison burgers in Colorado, huckleberry pie in Montana, elk steaks in Wyoming, trout in Idaho, fry sauce in Utah."

7: "New England Nosh: Maple syrup in Vermont, lobster in Maine, clam bakes in Rhode Island, blueberries in New Hampshire, scallops in Massachusetts."

8: "Great Lakes Goodies: Perogies in Michigan, cheese curds in Wisconsin, walleye in Minnesota, sausages in Ohio, pierogies in Pennsylvania."

9: "Pacific Northwest Plates: Salmon in Washington, oysters in Oregon, geoduck in Washington, marionberry pie in Oregon, huckleberries in Washington."