1: Introducing Cordelia, the Slayer Meet Cordelia, the fierce Slayer in Audible’s Buffy spinoff Slayers: They’re Gonna Hate It. Exclusive story!

2: Cordelia’s Origin Story Discover Cordelia’s epic journey from high school mean girl to powerful Slayer in Audible’s thrilling series.

3: Facing the Darkness Join Cordelia as she battles evil forces, demons, and vampires to protect the world in Slayers: They’re Gonna Hate It.

4: The Slayer’s Allies Meet Cordelia’s loyal friends and fellow Slayers as they unite to fight the ultimate battle.

5: Love and Betrayal Uncover the gripping drama and heart-wrenching relationships in Cordelia’s quest in Audible’s exciting new series.

6: The Final Showdown Get ready for the ultimate showdown as Cordelia faces her biggest challenge yet in Slayers: They’re Gonna Hate It.

7: Legacy of the Slayer Explore the legacy of the Slayer and the impact of Cordelia’s heroism in Audible’s action-packed spinoff.

8: Behind the Scenes Go behind the scenes of Slayers: They’re Gonna Hate It and discover the magic of bringing Cordelia to life.

9: Join the Adventure Experience the adrenaline-pumping, supernatural world of Slayers: They’re Gonna Hate It with Cordelia as the ultimate hero.