1: Discover Celebrities’ Hidden Talents From singing to magic tricks, these stars have some surprising skills up their sleeves.

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4: Emma Watson's Beatboxing Skills Emma Watson can do more than act - she's also a skilled beatboxer!

5: Jennifer Lawrence's Archery Prowess Jennifer Lawrence's talent extends beyond the screen - she's a skilled archer.

6: Justin Timberlake's Ping Pong Passion Discover Justin Timberlake's hidden talent for ping pong - he's a true master.

7: Lady Gaga's Cooking Expertise Lady Gaga is not only a talented musician - she's also a skilled chef!

8: Ryan Gosling's Ballet Skills Ryan Gosling's hidden talent is ballet - watch him twirl and leap with grace.

9: Mila Kunis' Hula Hooping Mila Kunis surprises fans with her hula hooping skills - she's a natural!