1: Bad Bunny's Spider-Man spinoff movie El Muerto removed from Sony's release schedule, sparking concern among fans.

2: Sony's decision to pull the plug on Bad Bunny's highly anticipated project raises questions about the future of the film.

3: El Muerto's sudden disappearance from Sony's lineup leaves audiences wondering if production issues are to blame for the delay.

4: Despite the setback, Bad Bunny's star power and the buzz surrounding the project suggest a potential resurrection in the future.

5: Fans express disappointment and frustration over the news, hoping for updates and a new release date for El Muerto.

6: Sony's unexpected move prompts speculation about the reasons behind the cancellation and the fate of the Spider-Man spinoff.

7: Industry insiders weigh in on the implications of El Muerto's removal and its impact on Bad Bunny's budding acting career.

8: The setback may be a temporary setback for the Puerto Rican artist, whose foray into Hollywood was highly anticipated.

9: As fans await further developments, Bad Bunny's Spider-Man spinoff remains a topic of interest and speculation in the entertainment world.