Linear mortgage loan

The linear mortgage loan is a cheap mortgage loan form where the homeowner has higher net monthly payments, mainly at the beginning of the term. But as the term of the linear mortgage loan progresses, the costs go down. With this mortgage loan loan you have the certainty that the house is paying off before […]

Types of mortgage loans

The choice for a mortgage has financial consequences for the next 30 years. The monthly costs depend on the amount you borrow, the interest rate and the type of mortgage. A mortgage advisor helps you to choose the right mortgage. With this information you are well prepared for the interview. For new mortgages you can […]

Mortgage loan management

During the term of the mortgage loan, it is important that mortgage loan owners keep a grip on their housing costs. Personal circumstances can change, and the housing market is also constantly evolving. How can you, as an advisor or provider of funds, properly guide your clients? And what to do if households get payment […]

Is it time to scrap your old mortgage loan?

  The mortgage loan is replaced by the replacement of the old agreement, with a more recent and certainly more favorable one. In detail, there are several possible options, which must be studied with due care based on the specific needs of the client and the offers offered. The renegotiation of the loan provides for […]

Access to loan: when reputation counts

  Access to loan: when reputation matters When evaluating a request for access to loan from a company, how important is the profile of the entrepreneur? When a few days ago we saw c ome is verified the feasibility of a loan application , the analysis that we have proposed has highlighted especially the historian […]

Banks and businesses: the theme of loan requires a change

    Banks and businesses: the theme of “loan” requires change The access to loan for businesses and the provision of loan by banks are two obstacle courses that often struggle to find a meeting point. Whose fault is it? Of all and nobody: it is a problem of a system (management, evaluation and communication) […]

Online-Loans-without-Private-Credit Test winner 02/2019 – our test!

According to statistics, more than three million German citizens are affected by negative Private credit entries. Negative entries can occur, for example, if you constantly overdraw your checking account or can no longer service loan installments. With a negative Private credit score, the chance of obtaining credit at the house bank is almost zero. However, […]

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Online personal loans Test winner 02/2019 – our test!

   If you want to take out a loan, you do not necessarily have to resort to an installment loan from a bank. Meanwhile, there is also the possibility of online personal loans to avail. This then runs through certain providers who specialize in arranging loans between private individuals. In our personal credit test, we […]

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Loans in October

Saxony takes the least loans An Internet comparison portal came to the conclusion that the Saxons are lending the least money. Those responsible for savings banks and Volksbanks in the federal state of Saxony came to this conclusion. People from Saxony have made the fewest credit inquiries in the past twelve months and also received […]

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